Technical Security Solutions

Firewall: System that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. It is the main component when building secure network

Intrusion Prevention System:   System that monitors a network for malicious activities such as security threats or policy violations.

Network Access Control: System that enables only compliant, authenticated and trusted endpoint devices and nodes to access network resources and infrastructure.

Single Sign-on: System that manage user login sessions.

Anti DDoS: System that prevent Distributed Denial of Service.

DNS Firewall: Security DNS resolver from DNS-based attacks such as Cache Poisoning, DNS spoofing, DNS hijacking.

Data Loss Prevention:  System that protect network data from being stolen or leaked.

Web Proxy Content Filtering: System that controls and monitor internet requests and web surfing.

Patch Management: System that acquire and test and install systems upgrades and patches. It supports network, software, and hardware assets.

ATP (Advanced Persistent Threats): System that handles sophisticated malwares and hacking-based attacks.

Messaging Security: System that secure the email exchange servers and mail boxes by preventing unwanted and malicious mails.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): System that collects and monitors security events and logs.

Email and Data Encryption: System that securing data by encryption.

Security Management: System that controls, optimizes, and audits security products.

Vulnerability and Compliance Management: System that checks and tracks system vulnerability to assure environment compliance.

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Solution that tracks organization security state to comply with security controls and lowering the taken risk.

Identity Manager: System that manages identity-related activities.

Multi-Factor Authentication: System that provides extra layer of authentication

Mobile Device Management: System that controls and secures mobile devices, BOYDs.

Secure Data Erasure: System that wipes storages, mobile devices data.

Deception Technology: System that creates a security vulnerability traps to trick internal and external attackers.

User Awareness Interactive System: System that tests user awareness by sending phishing emails.

End Point Protection and Control: System that secure end point machine from malwares, viruses, spams, and spywares.

Data Classification: System that classify data based on their confidentiality.

Web Application Firewall: System that filter, monitor, and block web application traffic.

Security Threat Intelligence: system that provides live feeds for emerging threats

Security Ecosystem: System that integrate with security products to automate security changes and configuration.

Security Services:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Enterprise Security Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • ISO 27001, 27000
  • Security Gap Analysis
  • Security Architecture Design & Review
  • Security Awareness Campaign & Program
  • Digital Forensics and Crime Investigation